Made in Rabat

The capital of Morocco is the great political and administrative centre of the country, where the royal palace, government and embassies reside. It is also a commercial and industrial city, with its large port and production of textiles, food products and construction materials. Not to mention the tourism and handicrafts, which also contribute to its economy.

Surrounded by ramparts, the city offers many cultural and architectural resources; this has allowed the city to classify as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Rabat is the first city of Morocco with an environmental policy with which it can be identified as a green city. There are 260 hectares of green space in urban areas and 1,063 hectares of greenery that surround the city.

Made in Rabat accommodation varies between large resorts and small guest houses, it also offers some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, gyms, fitness and beauty centres, as well as places to visit. As far as living in the city goes, Rabat is perfect.