Made in Agadir offers numerous resorts and is especially popular for those looking for second homes. As the first fishing port in the Kingdom, it also competes with Marrakech as the choice of city for tourists. Agadir attracts visitors with some of the most beautiful Bays in the world, its modern infrastructure, it sunny climate all year round and its lively marina. This young city is not like the other typical and traditional cities of Morocco, and that is perhaps one of its attractions.

The Medina of the city was destroyed during the earthquake of 1960 and has since been reconstructed a few kilometres from the city centre by an Italian artist, Coco Polizzi. Far from the old town, the space is dedicated to crafts, with artisan workshops, a garden, hotel, a museum and private residences. The Kasbah and what remains of it after the earth quake, is popular in any season and also offers the best views of the city.

The pearl of the south of Morocco has a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels to guest houses, trendy restaurants and a wide choice of leisure activities that range from gold courses to water sports activities.