Made in Casablanca is the business centre of the Kingdom, the extent of its growing urban population makes it a city constantly in motion. The city is home to Morocco Mall, the first of its kind in Morocco and the largest in North Africa, with more than 300,000 m² in area and over six hundred stores located inside. The city also offers a tram service, making it a major destination for workers in Morocco and abroad.

Focus on architecture
In the 20s, many architects came to work in the city, influenced by the arts and crafts of Morocco. Buildings, which appeared modern at the time of construction, were constructed in a 30s neo-Moorish style and have kept their ornate glory in present day. In the 50s, the focus was on comfort and modernity. The architectural diversity of the city tells a story of its own, walking around the city is a delight for those who appreciate design.

Casablanca is divided into many neighbourhoods, some fashionable and others linked to business. In the heart of the city there is the Medina, to the east we have the Art Deco district, which was under the French Protectorate and is known as the European quarter. To the West of the city is the upscale Bourgogne district, the sea, the corniche and the Hassan II Mosque.

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