MiMCity is a network of cityguides from around the world which offers users free and quality information. Topics are covered in depth through daily articles, fact sheets of facilities complete with photos, videos, descriptions and opinions, as well as lots of news and ideas. The aim is to offer the user, a resident, tourist or expatriate, a single website for all information about the city, making it easy to plan your stay with listings in accommodation, leisure, ideas for outings, shopping, sightseeing and more.

For each destination, our website offers content from three sources:

MiMCity editorial team and journalists who are responsible for researching information about the city and all the events that take place.
Web users themselves through opinions and ideas for content.
And finally by the owners of the establishments mentioned on the site, who submit their own presentation texts and updates on their establishments.

We always thought that a good city guide should be managed by local partners who know their region, who live in the city and know the events that take place in the city. Far from the mass of big names in e-tourism, we prefer to opt for local partners, who will also build good relationships with marketing managers of establishments in the city, a strategy that has already proven its effectiveness.